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In celebration of my move to Seattle, I’ve launched a brand new website & blog!


On the new blog, I will be writing about adventures in parenting, exploring seattle, photography tips &  featuring photos of my cute clients.

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sneak a peek: colin’s baby book

I feel like a broken record.  I love Project Life.  I love Project Life.  I LOVE PROJECT LIFE.  I started using Becky Higgin’s system in 2011 as a way to put my everyday photos to use.  I had thousands of photos on my computer & iPhone that were never seen until I discovered this simple format.  I could write a whole post about my Project Life books (maybe I will…), but this post is about Colin.  And his beautiful baby book.

I was thrilled when Becky announced her new Baby Editions of Project Life.  The release was perfectly timed with the arrival of our first baby.  Match made in heaven.  I’m using the digital version of her kit.  It’s easier for me since I live in Photoshop and I’m not very diligent about printing my photos. Upside: Super easy for digital photos. Easy to make multiple copies.  Downside: Waiting ALL YEAR to see a printed copy.
It’s not finished (Colin is only 4 months old), but since so many of my friends are currently expecting, I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek into the book…

[click on image to enlarge]

[there are still a few blank journaling cards (waiting on some info from Dad)
and when I was proofing this post I realized all the milestone cards are labeled 2012 instead of 2013- oops.]

Becky has made it super simple with the pre-written prompt cards (and the designs are SO dang cute!).  If you purchase the physical kit from Amazon, you get hundreds of these cards that simply slide into the album slots.  Simple as can be!  No photoshop experience needed!

New to the Project Life concept?  Check out Becky’s getting started page.

Already have the Baby Kit & looking for inspiration?  Here are close ups of the Time Capsule pages with all the data/info I found on Google (should be good for 2012/2013 babies)- hopefully it’ll save you some time!

[Although the Pope has already changed… totally didn’t see that coming!]

 Let me know if you have any questions about Project Life- Baby Editions!


me on monday: april self portrait & big news!

I debated about waiting for another day to post this.  This is crazy, but it’s not an April Fools joke.  Promise.

For Christmas I asked for new rain boots.  I’ve been so excited to wear them, but I haven’t been able to put away my snow boots quite yet (seriously, where is spring?).  For this month’s self portrait I decided it was time to put them on, despite the freezing temps.  Because they’re very fitting for the ‘big news’ being shared…

After John graduates this spring, WE ARE MOVING TO SEATTLE.

Sometimes I can’t believe it.  Sometimes I’m so excited I wish we could move tomorrow.  Sometimes I’m sad because everyone & everything I know resides here in the Midwest.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, in a panic… will there be frozen custard in Washington?  But most of all, I can’t wait for another new family adventure.

I know this raises a lot of questions… what am I going to do?  What’s John going to do?  Where are we going to live?  Will I still do photography?  We’re currently sorting it all out.  

For starters, John accepted a job with Amazon.  I am going to stay at home with Colin while we make the move and get settled.  We don’t know where we’re going to live yet but will take a trip to house hunt soon.

After we’re settled, I’m hoping to launch a photography business, under a new name & focusing on lifestyle portraiture.  I’m currently working with my favorite graphic designer on the branding, but am not quite ready to share (soon though)!

There are so many wonderful clients I’ve gotten to know during my years in Minneapolis.  Many of whom have been so supportive & stayed loyal clients during my time in Indiana.  I’m not ready to cut ties with the adorable kiddos I’ve watched grow up and their fabulous parents.  I’m just not.

So my question for you is… if I plan a trip back to Minneapolis to do mini sessions this fall, would you be interested?

I’m thinking early October (perfect timing for Christmas photos & I love those fall colors!)  Before I set a date & book flights though, I want to be sure there’s interest. If you’d like more info on a mini session in October, please let me know!

Leave a comment… send a quick email… and if there’s enough interest, I’ll see you in Minneapolis this fall!
I’ll leave my rain boots in Seattle. :)

happy birthday, colby jack!

St Patty’s is my favorite holiday. Last year I shared some of my favorite memories of celebrating St Patty’s Day, but one of my favorites was the day Colby Jack was born. We were the very first people on the breeder’s waiting list and when Colby Jack was the only puppy to pop out, we got a wonderful email telling us that our family of two was becoming a family of three!

A few weeks later we rushed out to the farm to meet our St Pattys baby- his eyes had just opened and he fit into the palm of my hand. My eyes welled with happy tears as John snuggled our new baby. I knew he was meant for us.

A lot has changed in the four years that Colby Jack has been part of our family. We settled into our Minneapolis neighborhood/home, adjusted to married life, sold our house, moved to Indiana and welcomed a baby (just to name a few things). Colby has brought us so many smiles & so much happiness, being a loyal friend and son. The last few months, as we’ve welcomed Colin Lee into our family, Colby has learned a lot about patience. He’s slowly warming up to the baby and adjusting to his new role as big brother. Our love for him hasn’t changed though… Happy 4th Birthday, Colby Jack!

To celebrate Colby’s birthday I took a few photos in his favorite spots. We won’t be living in this apartment [or in Indiana] for his 5th birthday [more on that coming soon…] so I thought it would be fun to document his life today. And I’ve seen lots of these birthday photos with text floating around on Pinterest and thought it would be funny to make one for our pup!

[laying on his body pillow on the foot of our bed. nevermind that it used to be my pillow.]

[LEFT: laying by the door to the balcony. this is his ‘post’- where he barks at all the neighbor dogs.
RIGHT: laying on his blankie on the ottoman of our couch. his daytime napping position.]
Noticing a theme? This dog loves to lay around the house. Rough life!

me on monday: self portrait I month two

I had a few different ideas for this month’s self portrait.  I decided to save my favorite idea until April for a few reasons.  Mostly because it has to do with a big announcement that I’m not quite ready to share today (no, I’m not pregnant again… give me a break, my 4 month old is enough baby for me right now!)

Speaking of 4 month olds, Colin & I just returned from a wonderful week in Arizona with my mom & sister!  Having a baby in the middle of winter has been hard for me.  I spent nearly all of my maternity leave in my apartment because it was too bitter cold to venture outside with a newborn.  I decided that a March trip to Arizona for some warm weather & sunshine was exactly what I needed (thank you for the suggestion, Mom)!  It was incredible what the sun did for both of us.  My freckles returned.  My hair lightened.  Colin wore short sleeved onesies and cute little shorts.  And he went sock-less for nearly the entire week!  But the best part of the fresh air?  It made Colin nap like a champ!  My ‘catnapper’ suddenly started taking 2-3 hour naps.

We’re now back in Indiana, getting pummeled by snow (no surprise).  But thanks to daylight savings time, there’s a gorgeous golden sunlight that shines into my apartment during the dinner hour.

All that back story, just to share a self portrait I took on my iPhone.  Of me, enjoying my precious little baby as we bask in the sunshine and pretend we’re back in AZ (and that it’s not snowing outside).

Things I love about this photo…

  • That it’s real. Not fancy.  I’m wearing my hair up in a messy bun because the snooze button is more appealing than my hair dryer.
  • That I can see the small silver hoop earrings that I wear constantly.  They were a Mothers Day gift from John/Colby/bump last year.  They remind me of how well my husband knows me.
  • That Colin is hugging his new puppy blanket.  He squeezes it close when he’s tired and it makes me remember how much I loved my blanket as a child.
  • That he’s asleep in my arms.  Because… really… what’s better than that?

In case you’re curious…

  • I took out my DLSR with intentions to take a self portrait, but this snapshot is just on my iPhone 4S.  The best camera is the one you have with you, right?  (and my husband cringes because I’ve spent thousands on camera equipment…)
  • I edited the photo using the new PicTapGo app.  I love that you can achieve a more subtle, natural look than the harsh filters of Instagram (oh, but I still love me some Instagram).


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me on monday: a neutral nursery

When we found out that we were expecting, we agreed we wouldn’t find out the gender. We knew we’d love the baby, boy or girl, and so we didn’t really need to know! It would be a fun surprise in the delivery room.

Almost everyone thought it would be a boy, since there are boys going back forever on John’s side. Oh, and then there was that crazy bird lady who sat next to me on a flight and ‘predicted’ I was having a boy. [she dangled a crystal over my belly and told me she’s 99% accurate in predicting the sex of baby birds]. Yup. That happened.

But I knew if I planned a boy nursery that a little girl would pop out and shock us all so I wanted something completely neutral instead. Turns out a neutral nursery is not so easy to create these days. Everything was full of loud patterns and gender specific colors (we can’t be the ONLY people who didn’t find out the gender?!) I knew I wanted a soft gray, very neutral, and that I could accent with gender-specific pop colors after the baby arrived. Brilliant plan, right? Well, even though gray is very trendy in home decor right now and there are a bazillion beautiful gray nurseries on pinterest, it was a lot of work to find what we wanted.

So here’s the final current product. I know eventually I want to add pop colors with some fun artwork above the crib but since we’re only in this apartment for 3 more months, I’ll wait until we determine our next living situation.

I am in love with the gliding chair. It was a splurge, but it was worth it. And the cute little giraffe was a gift from my mother. It plays the same lullaby that she used with me & my siblings! The beautiful bedding & soft elephant blanket are from Pottery Barn. Their neutral/gray collection was exactly what I envisioned!

The random gray rock canvas has been hanging on John’s walls since he was living in his bachelor pad in downtown Minneapolis! I believe it originated from Ikea? Who knows. But it matches the nursery perfectly. Colin has accumulated quite the collection of stuffed animals. They are anxiously awaiting the day that they can join him in the crib, but for now they reside in a tote bag, peering over the edge!

And I couldn’t resist throwing in a quick photo of Colin, already 12 weeks old. He was ‘napping’ in his crib while I snapped photos of his nursery. This is what a nap looks like these days… lots of dancing and ‘talking’. He’s a terrible napper, has been from the start (won’t sleep more than 30 mins at a time). Not sure who he got that from- John & I both love to nap?! At least he is a wonderful nighttime sleeper! And so dang cute.

Here’s a list of sources in case you want to create a similar look!

Glider chair:
Crib: Target
Changing Table: Target
Nightstand: Target
Bedding: Pottery Barn
Elephant Blanket: Pottery Barn
Elephant Frame: Dwell Studio
Hanging Laundry Bag (LOVE this!):
Changing Table Baskets: Target

F a c e b o o k