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my new blog!

In celebration of my move to Seattle, I’ve launched a brand new website & blog!   On the new blog, I will be writing about adventures in parenting, exploring seattle, photography tips &  featuring photos of my cute clients. If you’ve been receiving Casey V Photography blog posts via email, you’ll need to update your subscription […]

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you wanna know wednesday: camera recommendations

Since becoming a photographer, the MOST common question I get asked is ‘Casey, what kind of camera should I get?’ And unfortunately, it’s not a quick answer.  Unless you just want me to just say ‘my camera’.  If that’s the case, it’s the 5D Mark iii.  [I’ll warn you that the price tag may be […]

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FAQ: How do you get perfect exposures?

Q:  I have been wondering how you get such amazingly perfect exposures on your images. I have a feeling it’s more of your natural talent than photoshop/lightroom. A: Yes, I do strive to nail exposure in camera because it makes my editing workflow much faster when images are properly exposed [but I’d be lying if […]

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faq: what is your favorite lens?


My very first FAQ post!  I’m super excited about this question so here goes… Q:  What is your favorite lens, and why?  What does it allow you to capture that other lenses don’t? A:  My Canon 50mm f/1.2 L lens is my absolute favorite!  It is a ‘fixed’ lens as opposed to a ‘zoom’ lens […]

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