happy birthday, colby jack!

St Patty’s is my favorite holiday. Last year I shared some of my favorite memories of celebrating St Patty’s Day, but one of my favorites was the day Colby Jack was born. We were the very first people on the breeder’s waiting list and when Colby Jack was the only puppy to pop out, we got a wonderful email telling us that our family of two was becoming a family of three!

A few weeks later we rushed out to the farm to meet our St Pattys baby- his eyes had just opened and he fit into the palm of my hand. My eyes welled with happy tears as John snuggled our new baby. I knew he was meant for us.

A lot has changed in the four years that Colby Jack has been part of our family. We settled into our Minneapolis neighborhood/home, adjusted to married life, sold our house, moved to Indiana and welcomed a baby (just to name a few things). Colby has brought us so many smiles & so much happiness, being a loyal friend and son. The last few months, as we’ve welcomed Colin Lee into our family, Colby has learned a lot about patience. He’s slowly warming up to the baby and adjusting to his new role as big brother. Our love for him hasn’t changed though… Happy 4th Birthday, Colby Jack!

To celebrate Colby’s birthday I took a few photos in his favorite spots. We won’t be living in this apartment [or in Indiana] for his 5th birthday [more on that coming soon…] so I thought it would be fun to document his life today. And I’ve seen lots of these birthday photos with text floating around on Pinterest and thought it would be funny to make one for our pup!

[laying on his body pillow on the foot of our bed. nevermind that it used to be my pillow.]

[LEFT: laying by the door to the balcony. this is his ‘post’- where he barks at all the neighbor dogs.
RIGHT: laying on his blankie on the ottoman of our couch. his daytime napping position.]
Noticing a theme? This dog loves to lay around the house. Rough life!

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