me on monday: self portrait I month two

I had a few different ideas for this month’s self portrait.  I decided to save my favorite idea until April for a few reasons.  Mostly because it has to do with a big announcement that I’m not quite ready to share today (no, I’m not pregnant again… give me a break, my 4 month old is enough baby for me right now!)

Speaking of 4 month olds, Colin & I just returned from a wonderful week in Arizona with my mom & sister!  Having a baby in the middle of winter has been hard for me.  I spent nearly all of my maternity leave in my apartment because it was too bitter cold to venture outside with a newborn.  I decided that a March trip to Arizona for some warm weather & sunshine was exactly what I needed (thank you for the suggestion, Mom)!  It was incredible what the sun did for both of us.  My freckles returned.  My hair lightened.  Colin wore short sleeved onesies and cute little shorts.  And he went sock-less for nearly the entire week!  But the best part of the fresh air?  It made Colin nap like a champ!  My ‘catnapper’ suddenly started taking 2-3 hour naps.

We’re now back in Indiana, getting pummeled by snow (no surprise).  But thanks to daylight savings time, there’s a gorgeous golden sunlight that shines into my apartment during the dinner hour.

All that back story, just to share a self portrait I took on my iPhone.  Of me, enjoying my precious little baby as we bask in the sunshine and pretend we’re back in AZ (and that it’s not snowing outside).

Things I love about this photo…

  • That it’s real. Not fancy.  I’m wearing my hair up in a messy bun because the snooze button is more appealing than my hair dryer.
  • That I can see the small silver hoop earrings that I wear constantly.  They were a Mothers Day gift from John/Colby/bump last year.  They remind me of how well my husband knows me.
  • That Colin is hugging his new puppy blanket.  He squeezes it close when he’s tired and it makes me remember how much I loved my blanket as a child.
  • That he’s asleep in my arms.  Because… really… what’s better than that?

In case you’re curious…

  • I took out my DLSR with intentions to take a self portrait, but this snapshot is just on my iPhone 4S.  The best camera is the one you have with you, right?  (and my husband cringes because I’ve spent thousands on camera equipment…)
  • I edited the photo using the new PicTapGo app.  I love that you can achieve a more subtle, natural look than the harsh filters of Instagram (oh, but I still love me some Instagram).


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Rachel Nielsen - March 13, 2013 - 11:36 pm

Love this Casey! What a sweet little moment! I just got PicTapGo the other day and love it too! :)

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